You Make Me Happy | Organic Unbleached Snappie, Long Sleeve

You Make Me Happy | Organic Unbleached Snappie, Long Sleeve

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This is our little family's last drop of 2022. 10% of your purchase will help support the first UCLA Research Fund for RFC1 / CANVAS Syndrome to help find a cure for our founder's degenerative neurological disease. You can learn more or donate here. We hope to spread awareness about this genetic disease and help others suffering from undiagnosed neuropathy and/or ataxia.

We believe that every purchase matters, that's why all of our products are sustainably made in the USA, support fair labor practices, protect the environment and help feed children in need. 

Every design is hand painted by our founder at our family home in Asheville, NC.

GIVES BACK: Your purchase provides a meal to a child in need.

NOTE: As with all unbleached yarns, there will be small striations of the natural cotton fibers within the fabric. It's the closest to hugging mother earth as you can get when it comes to organic clothing!

All of our products are made using sustainable and ethical resources and practices.

In short:

- 100% domestically grown & spun organic unbleached cotton

- Sustainably + ethically made in the USA

- Every purchase provides a meal to a child in need.

- Printed with non-toxic, eco-friendly + water-based inks

- Produced without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, or artificial dyes

- Tumble-dried to ensure optimal softness and to prevent excessive shrinking

- Each product is shipped in recycled, 100% recyclable packaging

- Hand-painted with love

*Made to order. Ships worldwide in 3-5 business days.