about us

mini + meep is a mama-owned, family-operated business based in Los Angeles, CA. Our mission is to create high-quality, organic apparel for baby + toddlers with the utmost care for people and planet. The artwork you see on our products was hand painted by our founder and designed to make you smile, all while providing an easy and efficient way to give back to children in need. Our story began in 2014 when Fay struggled to conceive and began painting artwork she dreamt would one day adorn a nursery for her baby. A year later, she opened a small shop with a mission to help children in need. Her hope was to combine her love of helping others with her passion for creating artwork that brings joy. To date, she's donated over 50K meals to children in need and counting. Every year she works with nonprofits worldwide to support children in need. She recently donated 100% of the gross profits of her new book to provide custom uniforms (she painted the design!) and necessary supplies to help launch a preschool in rural Haiti. We're happy to say that little Emmalyn joined the mini + meep family in late 2016 and made her dream of becoming a mother a reality.

Did you know? All of our children's clothing is made using organic cotton that's grown and sewn right here in the USA. We've seen firsthand that the people who make our organic apparel are paid a living wage and work in safe conditions. Our founder's hand-painted designs are printed with water-based, eco-friendly inks by a family-run business in Asheville, NC that have now become our lifelong friends. We cherish the relationships we've made with the incredible people we work with to create our products. 

We are committed to making ethical shopping practicable, adorable and better for the planet, that's why our organic unbleached children's clothing is made without the use of toxic chemicals, dyes and pesticides. All of our packaging is easily recyclable and made of 100% recycled paper materials.

Every piece of artwork you see printed on our products was hand painted by our founder with lots of love and care. Our designs are inspired by our fun-filled journey through parenthood. 

About our founder:

Fay A. Grant is known for her philanthropic work in a variety of causes, including nearly a decade of support for survivors of human trafficking and children in need around the world. Her heartfelt efforts have been recognized by Congress and the Smithsonian Institution. She is also a rare disease advocate and works to spread awareness about RFC1-CANVAS Spectrum Disorder, a degenerative neurological disease, which she was diagnosed with in 2021. You can read more about her diagnosis in her recent interview with Forbes here.