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Giving back is what our little family is most proud of. For the past 7 years we've donated thousands of dollars to charities all over the world, and we feel like we're just getting started! This year we've worked hard to help nonprofit Impactful Missions launch their new preschool in rural Haiti, by donating 100% of the gross profits of our new book to help provide children with necessary school supplies and uniforms. But we won't stop there! Every purchase you make from our small shop is changing lives and bringing smiles to little ones worldwide. 


This year we've proudly supported nonprofit Impactful Missions as they kickstart three preschool classes in Fond Doux, Haiti. Our founder hand-painted this custom design to bring smiles as they begin their exciting new journey. Your purchase helped break the cycle of poverty by making quality education accessible!



Why did we choose Impactful Missions? Most schools in Haiti are poorly run. There is a lack of supplies and infrastructure, such as running water and indoor toilets. Most schools hire unqualified teachers because teachers are undereducated and lack training, and unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for some of these teachers to have not completed their own high school education. As a result, even if students successfully finish an entire year of school, they still may not pass the government exam to move on to the next grade.

The solution? Impactful Missions is hiring qualified teachers, including university students they’ve sponsored through their scholarship program to teach the students at their new preschool. They will raise the standard and create a school that provides quality education, as well as a leadership program to raise up future leaders for the country of Haiti! 

Thank you for helping these children thrive and access the education they deserve! Learn more and further your support by visiting