your impact:

Giving back is what our little family is most proud of. Despite their best efforts, many families can’t afford all the food their children need for healthy, normal development. 1 in 4 children in the Asheville area don’t have access to three square meals a day. We believe that families should never go hungry. Thanks to your orders, we continue to help provide weekend meals to children dependent on school lunches. 
Every time you place an order, we donate a meal to a child in need and 1% of our wholesale net profits give back to provide food to families in the Asheville area. We work closely with our local food bank and are so inspired by their work to distribute food to hungry families and those impacted by the pandemic. In 2020 they distributed over 20 million pounds of food and provided meals to 8,566 households. Our little family contributed to the over 21.5 million meals MANNA FoodBank provided last year, and it's all thanks to your purchases.
How it works:
Every Friday after school, a bag of nutrient-dense food is discreetly slipped into thousands of backpacks of children facing food insecurity. And we owe it to our customers and their support of our mission to end child hunger. Thanks to their purchases, we’ve helped tens of thousands of hungry children (and their siblings) receive free, healthy food to take home for the weekend.
With many schools shut down, our donations continue to help provide food boxes with kid-friendly products to children and families in need.
Our nonprofit partner works closely with schools, agencies, child nutrition directors and volunteers to establish delivery sites and helps schools get the word out about food availability for those in need.
Learn the facts about food insecurity and join us as we work to end child hunger in our community and beyond.
Did you know?
  1. The projected food insecurity rate nationally is 15.6% of the overall population and 23.1% of the child population. (Source: Feeding America)
  2. Feeding America estimates there are 50.4 million people who are food insecure and 17 million of them are children. 
  3. Our nonprofit partner, MANNA FoodBank, was serving an estimated 100,000 people every year. Now MANNA and their partners are serving over 100,000 a month.
  4. Live in the Asheville area and want to volunteer to help feed those in need? Sign up for a shift with MANNA here and click the volunteer tab. 
  5. Check out this report from Feeding America to learn the impact of COVID-19 on food insecurity from a national level.  

Do you live in the Asheville area and need food assistance? Or know someone who does?


Call the MANNA Food Helpline at 1-800-820-1109