Imperfect Sale | Toddler Tees (4T THRU 5T/6T/S)

Imperfect Sale | Toddler Tees (4T THRU 5T/6T/S)

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100% of the profits from your purchase will help support the first UCLA Research Fund for RFC1 / CANVAS Syndrome to help find a cure for our founder's degenerative neurological disease. You can learn more or donate here. We hope to spread awareness about this genetic disease and help others suffering from undiagnosed neuropathy and/or ataxia.


The included photos in this listing are of EXAMPLES of the common imperfections you'll find on the items in this sale. PLEASE NOTE to read the details of the imperfections. These images are just examples, and every imperfection will be different or in a different place. I am not selling anything that far reaches what you see in these photos, with the exception of a few that have further markdowns.  I've also included photos of the "discontinued" items since they are no longer viewable on my website.

These items are FINAL SALE. No returns or exchanges of imperfect items.

I love this sale for so many reasons. By selling these imperfect items to you, you are helping the planet by preventing unnecessary waste. The fashion industry is notorious for this. And, your purchase helps feed this little family of mine and keeps me from taking a big hit from imperfect items that I didn't feel right selling full price.

I'm so grateful for your support of this little shop of mine. Thank you for shopping the sale!

xx Fay


We believe that every purchase matters, that's why all of our products support fair labor practices, create sustainable jobs, protect the environment and help feed children and families in need.

Made from 100% soft organic cotton and printed locally with eco-friendly water-based inks, this snappie meets Global Organic Textile Standards and was produced without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, or artificial dyes. It was tumble-dried to ensure optimal softness and to prevent excessive shrinking.

Every design is hand painted with watercolor and ink at our family home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

All of our products are made using sustainable and ethical resources and practices.

In short:

- 100% domestically grown & spun organic unbleached cotton

- Ethically grown, sewn and designed in the USA

- Printed with non-toxic, eco-friendly + water-based inks

- Produced without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, or artificial dyes

- Meets Global Organic Textile Standards

- Tumble-dried to ensure optimal softness and to prevent excessive shrinking

- Each snappie is shipped in recycled, 100% recyclable packaging

- Hand-painted with love

*Made to order. Ships worldwide in 3-5 business days.

NOTE: As with all organic yarns, there will be small striations of the natural fibers within the fabric.